About Qd Pharmacy


Dedicated to Excellence

Qd Pharmacy is a local, woman-owned business offering expertly compounded medications, standard prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications. We are also a compounding pharmacy for pets, while providing other services such as hormone therapy, skin care, and topical analgesics.

At Qd Pharmacy, our team continually strives toward great customer service for all patients and pets that come across our custom pharmacy. When visiting our premises, you will only find the friendliest customer service, most advanced equipment, years of experience, and a widespread network available to you at all times.

Our specially trained compounding pharmacist works closely with physicians to create custom medications that suit your unique requirements. Our goal is to integrate our knowledge, expertise, and high-tech equipment to formulate unique compounds that not only allow our patients to take the right medications that are otherwise unavailable, but maximize outcomes and reduce overall costs too.

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Unlike large chain pharmacies, we are community-based and strive to provide a family-like atmosphere for all of our customers.

Your Pharmacy Staff

Jessica Q. Ly

Jessica Q. Ly

Owner & Pharmacist-in-Charge

Jessica graduated from Touro University in 2015 where she met her husband, Bryan Nakamura, established Qd Pharmacy in Walnut Creek in August 2019. With a sensitive and empathetic nature, Jessica strives to offer compassion to any patient who visits the pharmacy. 

Jessica is well-spoken, professional, and always happy to meet any patient in need of medication and other pharmaceutical products and services.


Bryan Nakamura

Bryan Nakamura

Compounding Pharmacist

Bryan graduated from Touro University, CA, and has held several leadership positions in long-term care and sterile compounding. He is currently the head compounding pharmacist at Qd Pharmacy and is passionate about the craft of compounding. With this, Bryan strives toward ensuring compounds are always created according to physician specifications. Bryan is the compounding pharmacist for hormone creams and is also proficient in compounding medicine for a variety of indications including topical analgesics, low dose naltrexone, and alternate dosage forms that are not commercially available.




Head of Security

Arthur is a “Whoodle” (Wheaten Terrier and Poodle mix), rescued from the Oakland Pet Shelter. Arthur regularly protects the pharmacy and enjoys sporting tricks such as rolling over, playing dead, and welcoming every patient walking into the pharmacy. If visitors don’t see Arthur around, it’s purely because he’s that great a security guard…